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Presentations & Seminars

Customized seminars and presentations for all age groups designed to increase basic knowledge, initiate discussion and clarify myths and facts about persons with disabilities while offering tips for social etiquette and positive interactions.


Corporate Training & Workshops

Personalized, in-depth disability sensitivity seminars and inclusion workshops exploring topics around inclusion, employee engagement, human resources, diversity, and more for your company’s staff, no matter the size.

Team & Community Building

Specialized sessions address diversity issues that promote acceptance and tolerance and equip groups with confident services and support techniques that reinforces the integration between the disabled community and the world.


Disability Sensitivity Sessions

Awareness and inclusion seminars aim to increase the knowledge and acceptance of persons with disabilities and special needs. We spread the importance of accessibility and inclusiveness for the marginalized. DAPDET staff teaches social etiquette and positive interactions, as well as, provides helpful resources.


Consulting Workshops

Fun, interactive consultation workshops on interacting with people across a diversity of disabilities, including individuals with mobility issues, cognitive impairments, speech difficulties, deafness and/or hearing impairments, visual impairments and/or blindness. We provide everyday solutions and etiquette tips about service animals, appropriate language, discussing disability issues, and common courtesies. 

Next Steps...

If your company, community organization, school, or church would like to set up a customized Disability Sensitivity Session specific to your groups needs,                         today!

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